Designing and Making Your Own Duvet Covers

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Designing and making your own duvet for your family is amusing and enjoyable. Stay home moms usually like to design and personalize things around the home and making your own covers for your room and that of your children can be engaging and fun. This is the perfect way to personalize the room of your kids. You can choose your own fabric that will suit your kids, create your designs according to your liking and you can even put together different cloths if you wish to make your designs attractive. There’s no limit in making your own cover designs. All you need is a creative imagination on how you want to see your designs in your kids’ rooms including yours.

How to Design and Make a Duvet Cover

Making your own duvet cover is easy. If you’ve made pillow cases before, it is exactly the same thing but this time you’re making a giant pillow case instead to cover your duvet. If you’re new to sewing it best to choose cotton fabrics. They are easier to handle especially if you’re using an old vintage Kenmore sewing machine which now has variety of models to suit your sewing needs. Now, if you have available cloths at home which you can pick on and want create your own design by piecing them all together is also great.

Before you start creating your cover make sure that you have already a clear picture of your design. Then you can start listing down what materials you will need for your fabric and whatever materials you may want to go with your cover design like ribbons and laces to give it a more attractive look. Next, is getting the measurements of your duvet, be sure to provide an allowance by adding a few inches. This will allow your cover to fit your bed.

Buying Your Materials for Your Duvet Cover

Your best option in buying the fabric and materials you want to use for your duvet cover is going to a fabric store. Here you can find a variety of cloth designs to choose from. Once you have completed purchasing the materials you need then you’re ready to start making your own cover.

Sewing Your Duvet Cover

As mentioned, sewing your cover is similar to sewing a big pillow case. You can start by sewing the edges and once you’re done you can put the two big cloths together and sew them. Use pins or lockers to keep them together. This will make it easier when sewing the two big cloths. After piecing the two cloths together, you can turn it inside out and try if it fits your duvet before you start placing the zipper. If it doesn’t fit that means you need to redo your sewing but if it does then you can start sewing the zipper on any side you choose. You can also use buttons, ties or pops to close your duvet. Actually, this depends on your creativity.

For your finishing touches, you can add laces and ribbons to make it more attractive and personal.

Now, you’ve just created your own personalized duvet cover to put on your bed. Make sure to wash it once a week using your best clothes washer to free it from dust.

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