Best Recipe to Lose Weight Fast

Published: 18th February 2011
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Many people are getting into different weight loss programs to lose weight but very few had been successful in achieving their goals. The truth is losing weight is all about burning calories. The more calories an individual burns, the higher his chances are of losing weight. Meaning, a person should not take more than their daily calorie allowance. Eating foods that burn more calories more than their calorie content is a great help in any weight loss program like fruits and vegetables. Next is a change in lifestyle, eating habits and sticking with it. This is one of the secrets of a successful weight loss program.

Fresh Green Smoothies Stops Cravings

One of the best ways to stop cravings when losing weight is getting into a fruit and vegetable diet. These foods contain less calories and need more calories from the body to burn them. The most popular fruit diet recipe lately is a fresh green smoothie.

Green smoothie is a fruit smoothie with added fresh greens. It is very easy to make and incredibly nutritious. One great thing about fruit and vegetables or green smoothies for that matter is they stop food cravings and keep an individual feeling full. Having a fresh smoothie increases a person’s green consumption dramatically. They are the best nutritious, delicious and simplest food that helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.

Making a Green Smoothies

When making green smoothies the first question is if you have the right blender. It is the first thing that is needed in making green smoothies. Then you need to have fruits and green vegetables to blend to make your smoothie.

Any type of blender is suitable in making a green smoothie. One kind of blender that can be use in making fresh green smoothies is the immersion blender. Immersion blenders are known as hand blenders, wand blenders and sometimes they are also called Bermixers. They are not only good in making green smoothies but they are also great for making purees, dips, dressings and soups.

Two of the most commonly used blenders for making smoothies are the Oster hand blender and Vita – Mix Blender. Both blenders have their own benefits and drawbacks. Using an Oster will take some time in making a smoothie. You need to be sure as well that your ice is well crushed. It is best for making soups, dips and dressing and anyone can use it directly to mix ingredients while cooking.

Vita – Mix Blender is not just a blender. It is also a food processor and ideal for making most detox recipes an individual needs in his weight loss diet regimen.

Storing Green Smoothies

Extra green smoothies can be stored for up to 48 hours, either in a fridge freezers & refrigerators. Keeping the nutrients on your green smoothing is very important and one way of maintaining the smoothies’ nutrients is by adding a half teaspoon of powdered Vitamin C. This works perfectly for smoothies.

Fresh green smoothies are one of the best recipes in losing weight fast. They do not only require more calories to burn but they have low calories as well. It keeps an individual feeling full and stops food cravings. They also help in detoxifying the body by flushing out the toxins due to unhealthy eating habits.

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